Welcome to Hogarty & Associates Inc.

Hogarty & Associates Inc. was established in 1983, is a Kansas Corporation, registered as a WBE, and specializes in Division 7 products. Our corporate office is located in Mission, Kansas. Products we represent provide moisture protection and aesthetic enhancements for the building envelope.


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Client Base

Our client base includes design professionals, contractors, and building owners. Our goal is to supply design professionals with technical data so they can complete details and technical specifications that meet current building requirements. We assist contractors in bidding by providing a product selection that meets or exceeds the intent of the design and coordinate shipments prior to construction. We make every possible effort to provide building owners with the latest information that supports the designer/contractor team to meet their building needs.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Hogarty
Kathy HogartyPresident
– Bachelor of Arts, Colorado State University
– Johns Manville Sales Rep
– Hogarty & Associates Inc. (33 years)