Specification: Modified Bitumen Membranes

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  • Contact Information

  • Modified Bitumen Membranes

  • General:
    • No roofing manufacturers listed
    • Building perimeter is parapets walls and internal drains
    • Penetrations (pitch pans & plumbing vents) flashed with liquid flashing
    • APP or SBS modified bitumen products
    • Membranes and base flashing adhered with cold adhesive
    • AIA MasterSpec
    • National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) application manual
    • Roof insulation R-30
    • External fire rating: Class A
    • Wind Load: based on Factory Mutual (FM); I-60; ASCE is not included
    • Severe Hail (SH) Coverage: required in Missouri & Kansas
    • Roofing Membrane Manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit (NDL); System (new & re roof)
    • Contractor’s two-year (form provided)
    • Additional warranty services (roofing manufacture's technical staff) submittal review, shop drawing review, pre-installation conference attendance, project start up site visit, interim audit, control reports, moisture survey
    • Pre-fabricated sheet metal flashing & trim warranty (inclusion in membrane warranty)
      • Includes inspections and review
    • Shop-fabricated sheet metal flashing & trim warranty (inclusion in membrane warranty)
      • Includes inspections and review
    • Roof management services warranty( inclusion in membrane warranty)
  • Roofing Checklist

  • Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim Specification

    Select those required for project.
  • General:
    • Coping to be designed to ES-I standards
    • Sheet metal flashing & trim to be coordinated with roofing
    • No sheet metal manufacturers listed
    Format: AIA MasterSpec; open & performance based

    Reference: SMACNA; roofing specification

    Performance: 24 gauge (22 gauge for continuous cleat)

    Warranty: Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim Warranty included in roofing membrane warranty
  • Sheet Metal Checklist

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    • Modified Bitumen Specification
    • Rood Drain Detail (AutoCAD or .pdf)
    • Plumbing Vent Detail (AutoCAD or .pdf) liquid flashing
    • Pitch Pan Detail (AutoCAD or .pdf) liquid flashing
    • Declaration Statement Form Letter
    • Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim Specification
    • Coping Details (AutoCAD or .pdf) ES-1 Standard